Frank Soo: England's pioneer who died with a tale untold


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Frank Soo: England's pioneer who died with a tale untold

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The voice of BBC commentator Raymond Glendenning crackles out of the radio.

"And this time a neat backpass by Soo finds Matthews..."

Soo, and the Asian heritage players that have followed in his wake, still await a breakthrough England cap.

Li Ke, who was known as Nico Yennaris during his time growing up in London and playing for Arsenal, Brentford and England's age-group sides, in 2019 became the first naturalised player to represent China.

Jiang Guantai, known as Tyias Browning while playing for Everton, Sunderland and England Under-21s, is now a regular for China.

In the women's game, Aston Villa's Maz Pacheco has said she is undecided over whether to play for the Philippines or England.

Before them all came Soo - a pioneer for non-white representation in English football, a Stoke City icon and a successful manager who overcame adversity in life and is emerging from anonymity in death.