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Blocking Stamina System 1.0

- PlaceholderAPI
- Cooldown Bar Expansion
- Protocol Lib (for the equipment visual replace command)

POSTURE-LEVEL.yml goes to plugins/SCore/variables
POSTURE_BAR.yml (can be renamed. will not break if renamed) goes to plugins/ExecutableEvents/events

POSTURE_BAR.yml contains multiple activators. For Free Version users, you have to manually extract the activators from the file and create multiple EE files per activator.

Basically, this system gives the user resistance 10 for 1s while blocking. the stamina bar regenerates 2 stamina per second. Total stamina is quantified as "100" and for each time the player is blocking, it takes away 10 stamina. Falling way below 0 stamina makes the player unable to use their shield until the stamina bar returns green