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Premium Armor template with custom durability (usage) that supports mending 1.1

- PlaceholderAPI
- Math Expansion
- Player Expansion
- CheckItem Expansion
- RNG Expansion

- The first activator handles the mending part. When it triggers, it runs 2 modifydurability commands to maintain the vanilla durability of the item to have at least 1 damage so the activator could run. If you plan to change the material from helmet to chestplate for example, don't forget to change the slot number from 39 to 38 for example.
- The second activator tries to maintain the vanilla durability despite taking hits to make sure that the vanilla durability doesn't hit 0 first
- The third activator is responsible on deciding if the durability would go down or not based on the armor's unbreaking enchantment level. For the part where it loses usage, a math equation that computes ( damage taken / 10 ) is written as an example on how to make it so the amount of usage that's getting reduced is scaled towards how much damage you've taken

Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    removed placeholder conditions on the last activator due to complications